Wednesday, May 26, 2004


America deserves better #7

Dear friends,

This time I would like to ask you to accept a homework assignment. Please take a couple of hours out of your next nap or book schedule and read the articles at the following 2 urls.

Karen Kwiatkowski describes the way intelligence was manipulated at the Pentagon by the Neocons. Other intelligence agencies can probably testify in all honesty that they were not pressured to provide the desired intelligence. The Pentagon group took care of spin, filtering and emphasis to leave the desired picture in the recipients' minds. The PR effort was designed to persuade Congress, the media and the general public that war on Iraq was both just and necessary. How effective this campaign was can be measured by how well Saddam was linked to 9/11 in the minds of the public. They never said that Saddam was responsible for 9/11, but they linked him to Al Qaida until that idea was discredited, and whenever thay mentione 9/11 they mentioned Saddam. As a result, as recently as 7 months ago, 60% of Americans thought Saddam was responsible for 9/11.

To practise a conscious and well planned campaign of disinformation designed to lead your country into an unprovoked invasion and unjust war should be grounds for some kind of punishment, and even more so if you succeed. To direct and/or condone that campaign should be equally punishable. To me, that was a program of treason. Go to: (You will have to sit through a short ad to get a daypass for the Salon article).

The thinking of the Neocons is well analyzed in Pat Buchanan's editorial at
These people are morally corrupt and strategically dangerous, but they are shaping our foreign policy. In the book Pat is reviewing, the future path they recommend is clearly laid out. I don't think it is a path any of us want to follow. What Pat hasn't pointed out is the signatories to "The project for the New American Century" which include Cheney and Rumsfeld. Clearly Neoconthink is supported in very high places. Elsewhere, General Zinni (called a traitorby the Neocons) has said that if America suffers another successful terrorist attack while this administration is in power we will become a police state. We simply can't afford to give them another 4 years.

Defeat this administration. America deserves better.

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